Advanced Trading Course | Footprint Charts, Market Profile & TPO Watch Preview

In this course, we take a deep dive into learning how to trade with footprint charts, market profile and TPO. The focus is on Exocharts, but the same principles can be applied to other platforms.

46 Lessons

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46 Lessons in Advanced Trading Course | Footprint Charts, Market Profile & TPO:


Session 1 - Intro to Exocharts Part 1

Gain a basic understanding of the platform

Seassion 2 - Intro to Exocharts Part 2

Session 3 - Intro to Footprint Charts

Session 4 - Intro to Footprint Part 2 Trapped Traders

Trading With Orderflow

Session 5 - Delta, Open Interest, Net Long & Net Shorts

Session 6 - CVD 101

Session 7 - CVD Part 2 - Identifying Divergences

Session 7.5 - Trading With Trend Reversal Charts

Swing Failure Pattern

Market Profile and TPO

Session 8 - Naked Points of Control

Session 9 80% Setup

Session 10 - Intro to TPO

Session 11 - Single Prints Buying Tails Sellng Tails

Session 12 - Merging & Sessions Template

Session 13 - Top Down Analysis

Exochart Web Templates

Orderflow Template

ndPOC Template

nwPOC Template

nmPOC Template

TPO Template

Sessions Template

Trend Reversal Template

OI Template

Live Market Analysis Streams

NY Open Live Analysis 3.30.22

NY Open Live Analysis 4.6.22

NY Open Live Analysis 4.13.22

NY Open Live Analysis 4.20.22

NY Open Live Analysis 4.27.22

NY Open Live Analysis 5.4.22

NY Open Live Analysis 5.12.22

NY Open Live Analysis 5.19.22

NY Open Live Analysis 6.8.22

NY Open Live Analysis 7.6.22

Desktop EXO Templates

Exo Desktop Setup

Exo Desktop Settings pt.1

Going Over The Templates